Welcome to sportstats
Beer and sport goes hand in hand.  
We also brew our own and like to
share our ideas.
Social gatherings play a big part 
in sport.  Family and friends get
together around the braai.
That is where we solve the
You simply can't win the game
without the ball.  Always keep
your eye on the ball.


Every Ramiz, Nick and Martin gives you analytical insight into the game. We're tired of listening to ex-pros talk about the game clinically. When we lose we want to hear a ranting fan vent about his team. When we win we want to see a jubilant fan talk about the game. 

Another thing. When last did Ramiz, Nick or Martin tell me where I can get the best steak to braai before or after the game, or how to brew a delicious beer to celebrate a victory or drown my sorrows in? Never, that's when. Pro sport should be life, not something you need to study a degree to follow.

The guys and girls at Sportstats started a sports blogging website to vent the losses, to celebrate the victories, to explore places, try recipes, brew beers. Give us a follow if you want to join an actual conversation about a game you love.
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Bangers and Mash and first Lions Test insights

Lunch is on Sportstats with bangers and mash and some insights from Fanie for the first test between the B & I Lions and the Springboks

Fan predictions for B & I Lions vs Springboks first test

Some of the fans provide very interesting predictions and some try scorers for the first test between the B & I Lions and the Springboks

Ireland vs South Africa 2nd T20I

David Miller constructed a much needed innings of quality to help South Africa to a defendable total

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