I wish I could say that the Protea wasn't facing extinction, but I fear that it may be the case. If there is a fourteen year old prodigy in South Africa that could be the next Jacques Kallis, there is a pretty good chance that he might end up paying for England or New Zealand. I am not sure if the people in charge of South African cricket want the team to succeed. The way that the sport is being managed does not fill me with any hope that things will get better. What happens on the field is becoming increasingly trivial. South Africa is an incredible sporting nation, but the trajectory is pointing in the wrong direction.

The Protea represents excellence. This is a team that once boasted four batsmen with averages over 50 in test cricket and the most feared bowling attack in world cricket. This team personified the 'never say die' attitude. What we are seeing now is simply not good enough. Young players will surely pursue other sports because the iconic figures that we have gotten used to in the past are not in the setup any more. It is sad to see that something that played such a big part in my life growing up is simply wilting away and it is not because of a lack of talent. It is just bad management.

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