I have the utmost respect for Rassie and I am so happy with the state of South-African rugby that it would take more than this video for me not to support him. I feel that I have to highlight a few key points. I am a primary school teacher and a rugby coach and referee and I have certain beliefs that I live by as a coach, teacher and human being.

I believe that you should never stoop down to the level of another person. If my players complain that the other team is tackling them late, I tell them that we won't do the same. Their behaviour will catch up to them somewhere in the future. We will keep our pride and dignity and play the game as fair as we can.

Rassie did not like the comments made in the press by Warren Gatland and he has subsequently stooped below that level and done something even worse. I am not sure that, that is the right approach. He is obviously angry and fed up with World Rugby, but I believe that there are other ways of getting your message across. Maybe the Twitter videos were enough. I assume he felt that he didn't get any response from Nic Berry and World Rugby and that the only way to get his message out there was to take the matter into his own hands.

Will this change the way referees look at SA Rugby and the Springboks? I hope so, but there is also a chance that this would make them favour the opposition even more. World Rugby might make changes to the way the game is officiated that could lead to more football like play acting and more stoppages and nit picking by referees. If Rassie has sacrificed himself for the benefit of Springbok Rugby, who is going to take his place? Will we be able to replace him? Will Jacques Nienaber leave with him?

There is also the possibility that some of the players and coaching staff does not agree with the video that he made. Will this prove to be a distraction or will it bring the team even closer together? We will find out later today. The wheel turns and if you publicly criticise your sport's governing body it might come back to haunt you. Who will have the last laugh? Let's believe it will be Rassie.

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