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Gwijo Squad you biscuit!

Gwijo Squad you biscuit!

As I sat at my dining room table this morning, sipping my morning coffee and contemplating life, I was overwhelmed with negativity. Going through my Monday morning ritual reading up on the bottomless pit of articles written about how bad our economy is and how doomed we are “unless government takes decisive action” etc. etc. I became super miff.

And just as I was about to give up all hope, I came across an article which aimed to encourage us to look past the negative news and to look for the positives, and what an inspiration this was.
The article concluded with a video about Gwijo and explained the origins of this tradition and what it means to the Xhosa people of SA. I was so taken back with emotion and awe! What an inspiration this is and it gives me such hope.
With the Springboks on the verge of competing at the world cup, coming off the back of a complete turn around from the woes of the 2017, I cant help the feeling that we all need to embrace Gwijo and use rugby as a platform to once again unite this country in hope. At the end of 2017 the legacy of the Springboks was for the history books but look how far we have come despite all the challenges we face as a country.
I encourage everyone to stand behind our boys and embrace the “we are stronger together” motto and to be motivated by what this could mean for us as a nation.
Regardless of how this world cup will end for the Springboks, let us as rugby fans ensure that Gwijo becomes and ingrained tradition within SA rugby and that it permeates into society, so as to remind us constantly to remain positive and to stand together in the face of adversity.
Go Bokke!!

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